Board of Directors

Louise RollinsLouise Rollins (President) has volunteered with Deaf Camps, Inc. since 2002. She co-directs the Younger Deaf Camp and has also served as board secretary and treasurer. Louise is a deaf educator and a CODA. She is proud to serve the Deaf community through her professional and volunteer work.

erinErin Krug (Vice President) has volunteered with Deaf Camps Inc since 2006. She started in Middle Camp, moved to Younger Camp that same year, got stolen by Older Deaf/ASL Camp in 2011, and now co-directs Older Deaf/ASL Camp and Young Adult Deaf Camp.  In real life, Erin is a sign language interpreter in the Baltimore-Washington area.

David ShepardDavid Shepard (Secretary) started volunteering with the the ASL Camp in 2007 while his daughter was in Deaf Camp, and they have returned every summer.  In 2013, David became the co-director of Younger ASL Camp.  When he isn’t at camp he works for the Coast Guard and lives in Annapolis.

Kathy MacMillanKathy MacMillan (Treasurer) has been volunteering with Deaf Camps, Inc. since 2001. She currently serves as director of the Interpreter Intern program. She directed the Middle Deaf Camp from 2003 to 2016, and served as Board president from 2006 to 2017.  In her day job, she is a nationally certified American Sign Language interpreter, author, children’s performer, and librarian.

IMG_9810 (2)

Brandon Glass is an American Sign Language interpreter from the DMV though he was born in Heidelberg, Germany! His love for ASL began in high school as that was his second language selection. Loving the language and traveling to Disney World, he then noticed an interpreter providing access to the play that takes place in the center of Magic Kingdom. Upon seeing the language in use and the inclusion it can provide Brandon knew that’s what he wanted to do. After high school, Brandon fell in love with Deaf culture and the community learning more about the Deaf world through his major, Deaf Studies. Since graduating, Brandon has worked as an After School Program Coordinator for the Maryland School for the Deaf, a Vocational Rehab counselor for a Deaf Services Program, VRS interpreting,  and an Interpreter in the public school system. Working with youth is anything but new to Brandon as he has paralleled his interpreting career with being a competitive coach in dance, as well as a mentor to young athletes. Fun fact, Brandon also continues to pursue a career as a professional dancer and choreographer! He was recently touring with Marvel Universe Live as a stuntman!

Amy Norman has volunteered with Deaf Camps Inc. since 2008.  Before that she was a camper herself from 1998-2007 at West River!  She has been a part of the same camp, Younger ASL, from 2008-2019!  This year will be her first year co-directing Older ASL Camp and she is very excited!  Amy also graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2012 with a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry!   

Jackie Weaver started from the bottom with this camp as a camper in 1998 at the age of 7!  She became a CIT (counselor-in-training) in 2008, counselor for Younger Deaf Camp in 2009, and most recently became a board member and co-director of Middle ASL Camp!  Fun fact: Amy is one of Jackie’s best friends and her son’s Godmother!  They met at camp!

Madi Madison Nittinger has volunteered with DCI since the summer after her freshman year of college! She started volunteering with the Younger ASL group for a number of years and then became the co-director of the Middle Deaf group. When not working with DCI, she teaches fourth graders in Frederick County!

Pat Rader has been a volunteer counselor with DCI since 2015 and a board member since 2017. He is currently co-director of the Middle Deaf Camp.


Lisa Jordan coordinates and directs the Young Adult Deaf Camp.


Deaf Camps, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization. All board members, directors, and counselors are volunteers, and all contributions go toward camp operations and camper scholarships.

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