For Volunteers

Deaf Camps, Inc. has a limited number of counselor positions for new volunteers every year. We open volunteer and waiting list slots to new counselors on March 15 and continue until all available slots are filled. For adult counselors (age 18+), please contact us at on or after March 15 to receive the volunteer paperwork. Please note: Volunteer counselors must commit to the entire week of camp.


See the links below for separate applications & deadlines:

Counselors in Training (ages 16-17)

Interpreter Interns


For more information:

Volunteer Counselor and Director Job Descriptions

FAQs for Counselors

Camp Descriptions and Dates

Dress Guidelines

What to Bring to Camp

Directions to Manidokan

Contact Information While at Camp

Deaf Camps, Inc. FAQ Page

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    1. Hi Jessica – We would love to work with you! The deadline for new counselors is May 15. Please email us on or after MARCH 15 of next year and we will send you the paperwork. We look forward to seeing you next year!

  1. hello my name is Dennis and i would like to become a camp counselor i’m new to Maryland and i currently work at MSD Frederick Campus Dormitory as RCYCP

  2. Hi, my name is Patrick and I would like to be a counselor, I have been working at MSD Frederick Campus Dormitory as a RCYCP.
    Contact: 240-405-7567

  3. Hello, I am interested in Interning here, in the fall I start internship and practicum 2021. I have already asked my professor for the syllabus to email the information. Is it okay to intern without being registered yet?

  4. Hello! I am interested in becoming a counselor! Is there spots available for this summers camp July 25-30th? I have been apart of the ASL program at Arizona State University for 2 1/2 years now and would like to gain more experience in different seatings!
    Thank you.

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