Camp Dress Guidelines


From the Manidokan/Retreat & Camping Ministries Safe Sanctuaries Policy Handbook:


Campers and staff may wear clothes that express their own personality and makes them feel good about themselves. In addition, our goal is to also have everyone wearing clothing appropriate to the activities at camp. Should someone be asked to change their clothes, we will do so in a way that is caring, respectful and non-judgmental. Educating someone about why they are being asked to change should be done calmly, clearly, and not in front of others. Please make a note of this to tell directors should we have any follow-up from parents or guardians.

No images or references to alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, vulgar or sexually suggestive subjects, or references that marginalize or name-call a group of people can be worn.

At all times, clothing worn must also be appropriate for the activity area. All staff, volunteers, and campers must wear appropriate footwear while at camp. This includes while on the river and while ziplining. For most camp activities a closed toe, closed heel shoe is required. Feet may be bare while swimming at the pool and while showering.

Our underwear, bras, and body parts that should be covered by underwear or a bra should be covered by other clothes. Shorts should also be long enough that harness will cover them without them slipping out and causing an abrasion.

Bathing suits should be modest and appropriate for the recreational activities at camp such as rafting, slip and slide, banana boats, and water games. This means that body parts should not be at any risk to fall out and your bathing suit should not be at risk of coming off. For this reason, your suit should not be primarily fastened by string ties on suits (not tops or bottoms).

Modest sleeping clothes should be worn to bed.

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