Custom Made Deaf Dolls

DCI is now offering CUSTOM, HANDMADE DEAF DOLLS for your favorite little (or big!) person. One hundred percent of the sale (after Square fees) goes to the DCI Scholarship Fund.

These crocheted, plush dolls are about 12″ tall and handmade to order.

plush deaf dolls with hearing aids and cochlear implants

You can customize nearly EVERYTHING about your doll:

  • skin color
  • ear type (including microtia!)
  • hearing device model & color (including hearing aids, cochlear implants, and bone conduction hearing aids)
  • eye, nose, mouth type & color
  • hair color, length, & style
  • clothes type & color
  • ILY embroidery on clothes

Visit our gallery to see some of the possibilities.

Are you looking for an option not listed on the order form? E-mail us with your ideas and we’ll see what we can do!

How do I order?

  1. Visit our Square Store to pay for your doll.
  2. Visit our Handmade Doll Order Form to choose your options. Make sure you use the same e-mail address from your Square payment.
  3. You will receive an automated e-mail from Google Forms with your choices. You can edit these choices until your order is finalized.
  4. Within 48 hours, you will receive an e-mail from Deaf Camps, Inc. to finalize your order and give you an estimated processing time. Every doll is handmade. Processing can take up to 3 weeks, plus shipping time. You will receive another e-mail when your doll ships.

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Custom Made Doll FAQ:

Q: I have a specific idea that I don’t see listed on the order form – can you accommodate special requests?

A: I’ll try my best! E-mail us with “doll” in the subject line and we can discuss further. Requests for special colors and other modifications could increase your processing time.

Q: Are the hearing aids or cochlear implants removable? 

A: No. The hearing aids or cochlear implants are sewn onto the doll. I am trying to work on a way to make them removable, but it adds a lot of production time and cost, and they are not safe for children under 3. The softband Baha is removable, but can be attached on request.

Q: Why can’t I choose my earmold color?

A: Due to the small size and complexity, the hearing aid, tubing, and earmold must all be the same color.

Q: Why do you recommend yarn eyes for children under 3? Are plastic eyes unsafe?

A: Plastic eyes – often called “safety eyes” – are secured from the back with a plastic washer, and are almost impossible to remove. However, because very young children tend to put everything in their mouths, it is still possible that a plastic eye could break off and cause a choking hazard. It is up to the adult placing the order to make the best choice for your child.

Q: Is my doll washable?

A: Most yarns used for your doll are 100% acrylic and are machine washable. However, the hair (and maybe the facial features) on your finished doll might not survive a trip in the washing machine! I recommend spot cleaning with a mild soap and cool water.

Q: Why does it take so long to get my doll?  

A: Each doll is fully handmade and takes about 7-9 hours to make, depending on the options you choose. Fundraising for DCI is something that I do in my free time between my full-time job and other responsibilities. I do my best to get each doll out as quickly as possible, but that may depend on how many other orders are ahead of you.

Q: Why does the doll cost so much?

A: Each doll is fully handmade and takes about 7-9 hours to make, depending on the options you choose. We have chosen NOT to charge extra for hearing aids or cochlear implants, as other companies do, because we believe that deaf and hard of hearing kids deserve to have dolls who look like them without extra costs.

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