Counselors in Training (CITs)

Deaf and ASL Camps have a limited number of spaces available for 16- and 17-year-olds to serve as Counselors in Training. CITs must pay a fee to cover their meals & lodging (2020 rate is $200). Mandatory counselor trainings include: pre-camp online videos, in-person training on Sunday before camp begins, and a small group CIT meeting with the Manidokan site director.

  1. CIT application – (Online form) (Printable form) To be completed by the CIT.
  2. CIT reference form – To be completed by someone who knows the CIT well. (A teacher, coach, counselor, pastor, etc – NOT a family member.)

Due: May 15. CITs will be notified by May 31.


If you are 18 or older, DO NOT complete this form. E-mail us at on or after March 15 to receive the volunteer paperwork.

9 thoughts on “Counselors in Training (CITs)

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  1. I am a GODA and 17 years old. is the CIT program appropriate for me to get more involved in the deaf and HoH community?

  2. Hi. My daughter will be 16 years old in May. She has been learning ASL this year. She loves it. She has single sided deafness. She is an honor student who is considering a career in child psychology within the deaf community. She would like a volunteer opportunity where she could help and practice her ASL skills. Would this program be something for her? Thank you.

    1. Absolutely! She is welcome to apply for a spot as a CIT and we would consider her for a position with our Younger ASL Camp. 🙂 Applications are due March 15. Hope to hear from you soon!

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