Virtual Camp – save the date

Dear Friends of Deaf Camp,

Over the last few months we have been making lots of changes to take our program online and give campers an opportunity to sign and socialize with each other this summer. We have a few more pieces to prepare before we are ready to open registration. In the meantime, see below for some FAQs about Virtual Camp 2020. Keep an eye on your e-mail or on our website for registration to open VERY soon!

– Your 2020 DCI Board

Get ready for... virtual deaf & asl camp 2020. August 2nd-7th. Registration coming SOON!



  • Who can participate?
  • We welcome deaf, hard of hearing, hearing, and KODA campers. Activities are designed for campers entering 2nd grade and up.
  • When is camp?
  • Activities will be posted beginning 8am on August 2nd through August 7th. You can access the activities any time of day.
  • What is the cost?
  • Virtual Camp is free to all campers.
  • How will we access camp activities?
  • You will need internet access though a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Families will access our virtual campground through a Google Slides document. From there, you will click links to go to different YouTube videos, a few printable activities, and two fun apps to help you complete the activities. Check back in to the virtual campground every day for new activities!
  • How will campers socialize with each other?
  • We will use a password-protected educational platform called Flipgrid. Campers will be allowed to post videos up to 2 minutes long to respond to an activity. You might make a video to show off your craft, practice dance moves, or tell a story. Don’t forget our annual talent show! Campers can also record videos to respond to other campers. ONLY registered campers will be allowed to post to the DCI Flipgrid page. All videos also need to be captioned using the Flipgrid sticky note feature or another app. All videos will be screened & approved by DCI volunteers before other campers can see them.
  • Why do we have to register if it’s free?
  • Registration helps us keep our campers safe. We will monitor the videos on Flipgrid to make sure that there are no inappropriate participants or inappropriate content.

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